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Dental Sealants

Front Range Dental Center PLLC provides Fort Collins, Windsor, Timnath, Loveland, Wellington, and Cheyenne, Wyoming with dental sealants to help prevent cavities.

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a great way to help protect your permanent teeth from cavities and plaque. Dental Sealants are a clear protective material that is applied to the chewing surface of your molars (back teeth) by sealing off the grooves and pits in your molars that are prone to cavities. The sealant will make the surface of your teeth smoother. This will help you keep your teeth cleaner when brushing your teeth.  The dental sealants placed by Front Range Dental Center do not contain bisphenol A (BPA).

How does the dentist apply Sealants?

At Front Range Dental Center, applying the dental sealants is a simple, quick, and painless procedure. When placing the sealing, the dentist will not need to drill or use anesthetic. To apply the sealant, your teeth need to have been recently cleaned, so when the dentist applies the Sealant material, the sealant will adhere to the teeth. Next, the dentist will use a curing light (a special dental light) for 20-60 seconds to harden the sealant.

When should my Child have Sealants applied?

The dentists at Front Range Dental Center recommend Sealants for all children when they get their permanent first and second molars. Permanent first molars normally come in when the child is about six and the second molars come in when the child is about twelve.

Follow up dental appointments?

Dental sealants do not last forever.  Studies done on dental sealants show the sealants last up to 15 years.  The dentist and hygienist at your Fort Collins dental office will check your sealants during your routing dental visit.  Sealants work well, but to help keep you teeth cavity free, you also need to brush your teeth twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste, floss your teeth once a day, and Front Range Dental Center regularly.

Are Dental Sealants covered by dental insurance?

Many dental insurance companies pay for the sealants on children’s teeth. Most of the dental insurance plans that pay for the dental sealants have age limit of 18 years old. Even though dental insurance may not cover dental sealants for adults, your Fort Collins dentist may recommend sealants for certain adult patients to help prevent cavities.

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