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What is Fluoride?

Fluoride (F on the Periodic Table) is a naturally occurring element. Currently, Fluoride is the only product that will remineralize weakened enamel of teeth. Fluoride is found in local water supplies, toothpaste, mouthwash, Fluoride supplements, and Fluoride treatments provided at your dental exams.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Yes, fluoride is safe. The American Dental Association along with numerous other groups have done many studies for over 50 years. Studies on Fluoride have shown that at recommended levels, Fluoride is not only safe, but also provides significant health benefits (ADA). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers the fluoridation of water as “one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century”.

The dentists at Front Range Dental Center recommend Fluoride to all their patients. Our dentists do understand and respect the views of others on the topic of Fluoride.

Does Fluoride Make a Difference?

Research done by the American Dental Association shows fluoride reduces cavities up to 40% in children and 35% in adults. Over the past 20 years tooth decay has significantly been reduced due to fluoride. Fluoride is advantageous for both children and adults. The Dentists and Hygienists at Front Range Dental Center recommend a Fluoride Treatment at all dental cleaning.

How Does Fluoride Assist?

Children benefit from fluoride two ways: systemically (by ingesting fluoride) and topically (Fluoride that the Dentist or Hygienist places on your teeth). Starting at birth, Fluoride is absorbed helping to strengthen both baby (primary) and permanent teeth.

Topical fluoride helps adults and kids by stopping the progression of a newly formed cavity and preventing root decay. Fluoride will decrease sensitivity in your teeth. A consistent daily use of topical fluoride will often dramatically decrease tooth sensitivity to hot and cold substances. At your regular check-up, we will evaluate your particular situation to determine if additional fluoride treatments are needed.

Fluoride alone will not prevent cavities. Brushing, flossing and regular visits with your dentist in Fort Collins will help prevent cavities. The dentists at Front Range Dental Center can be reached at 970-673-7321.

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