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Getting A Root Canal in Fort Collins

Root Canal Therapy treatments are performed by Fort Collins dentists to repair teeth that are decayed, infected, or has been traumatized in an accident. Root Canals are one of the most often performed dental procedures done each year. It is estimated that over 15 million Root Canals will be performed in the USA this year. Root Canal Therapy is also known as Endodontic Therapy, Endodontic Treatments, or generally known as a “Root Canal”.

Fort Collins dentists, Dr. Kathryn Radtke, Dr. Brad Eckhardt, Dr. Sandy Hunter, and Dr. Alex Spivak perform numerous Root Canals at Front Range Dental Center each year. This Root Canal treatment may help you save your natural teeth and may prevent you from needing a dental implants or bridges on the tooth that needs a Root Canal Therapy.

What actually is a Root Canal?

The term Root Canal is used to describe the pulp or pulp chamber in the center of the tooth. Each tooth has a nerve that lies within the Root Canal. The tooth’s nerves main function is to since for hot or cold temperatures. The absence or presence of the tooth’s nerve will not affect the health or functioning of the tooth.

Your dentist in Fort Collins would perform a “Root Canal” to save a tooth when the nerve of the tooth is infected, traumatized, or cracked to remove the decay and infection of the tooth. During the “Root Canal” procedure, the pulp and the nerve of the tooth would be removed and the inside of the tooth would be cleaned and sealed to prevent bacteria from re-infecting the tooth. Depending on the severity of the infection, The “Root Canal” procedure may require two separate appointments.

What happens after I get a “Root Canal?”

After the “Root Canal” is completed, your Fort Collins dentist recommends avoiding chewing on the repaired tooth for a few days. Also, after a “Root Canal” is completed, there may be some sensitivity in the tooth that had the Root Canal for a few days. The dentist will talk to you about what kind of pain medications they would recommend for the next few days.

After allowing the tooth to heal, a dental crown may be needed to aid in the protection and restoration of the tooth. Your Fort Collins dentist will advise you if a crown is recommended.

What are the symptoms that a Root Canal might be needed?

Here are the most common symptoms that a Root canal maybe needed: pressure in the abscessed (puss filled, infected) tooth, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold, and pain. Some visual signs that a Root Canal may be needed included: darkening of the tooth (color), pimples or abscesses forming on the gums, swelling and tenderness of the gums, and tenderness around the gums. In some situations, if the tooth is Neurotic, there may not be any signs or symptoms.

What happens if I don’t get a Root Canal?

If the decayed or infected tooth is not treated with a root canal, bacteria may continue to enter your body through the nerve. The surrounding tissue may also become infected, causing swelling throughout the face, possible bone loss, and sometimes creating a hole in the tooth and possibly a hole through your cheek.

If you opt for not getting a root canal, the other option is extracting (pulling) the tooth. Extracting the tooth might sound like the easiest and cheapest option, but removing the tooth can cause problems with the adjacent teeth, your bite and possibly yourself esteem. When a tooth is removed, the dentist may recommend a dental implant or a dental bridge.

How much is a “Root Canal”?

At Front Range Dental Center a Root Canal is $875-$1100. If a patient has dental insurance, your dental insurance may cover a portion of the Root Canal.

If you think that you may need a Root Canal, Endodontic Therapy, Endodontic Treatments, or Root Canal Therapy contact your friendly Fort Collins dentist at Front Range Dental Center: 970-673-7321. We will be happy to schedule an appointment to remedy your pain.

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