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10 Thanksgiving Foods for your Dental Health

10 Thanksgiving Foods to Promote Your Dental Heath There are many things to be thankful for at Thanksgiving: Family, Friends, Health, and a Great Thanksgiving Feast.  As Fort Collins Dentists, we want to remind you which foods can help promote

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What is an Endodontist?

An Endodontist is a dental specialist who specializes in Root Canal Therapy (Root Canals). Root Canal Therapy is also known as Endodontic Treatments, Endodontic Therapy, or simply as a “Root Canal”. After graduating from dental school, an Endodontist will have

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What is the Purpose of a Dental Crown?

One of our Loveland dental patients asked. “What is the purpose of a dental crown?” A dental crown serves many different purposes. A dental crown, sometimes referred to as a “dental cap” is a permanent dental restoration that covers your

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Getting A Root Canal in Fort Collins

Root Canal Therapy treatments are performed by Fort Collins dentists to repair teeth that are decayed, infected, or has been traumatized in an accident. Root Canals are one of the most often performed dental procedures done each year. It is

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Fixing Missing Teeth in Cheyenne

If you are missing a few teeth, you have a few different dental options. If you are in Cheyenne or Laramie Wyoming, you could drive a few minutes to a great dentist in Fort Collins to get a dental bridge,

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Are Dental Implants an Option for You?

Have you thought about dental implants? Have you asked your Fort Collins dentist if you would be a candidate for dental implants? Dentists can use dental implants to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth. In many cases, a dental

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Whiter Teeth in Fort Collins

Do you have any special plans this summer? Are you going to a wedding, a class reunion, or a special vacation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is not too late to see Fort Collins Dentist,

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Front Range Dental Center Welcomes Our New Oral Surgeon

Are you having pain with your wisdom teeth? Do you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted this summer? Are you looking for an Oral Surgeon in Fort Collins who is able to get you in quickly? Dr. Aric Murphy,

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Snap-On Smile Now Offered at Front Range Dental Center

Fort Collins dentist, Dr. Brad Eckhardt, recently received certification to offer Snap-On Smile at Front Range Dental Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. Snap on Smile is a quick and easy way to achieve the smile that you have always wanted.

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Braces in Fort Colllins – Orthodontics

Braces in Fort Collins Once or twice a week, one of our patients will ask our Fort Collins dentists about braces. The most common questions our dentists are asked are “Who is the best orthodontist in Fort Collins?”and “Where in

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