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What is the Purpose of a Dental Crown?

One of our Loveland dental patients asked. “What is the purpose of a dental crown?” A dental crown serves many different purposes. A dental crown, sometimes referred to as a “dental cap” is a permanent dental restoration that covers your tooth above the gum line.

There are many reasons a dental crown may be needed. The strength of the tooth may have been weakened by a fracture, severe decay, a large filing, been involved in an accident, or had a root canal. If you have a dental implant placed, you will also need a dental crown. Another reason is may be for cosmetic reasons.

After a root canal therapy (root canal procedure), your tooth can become frail and break easily. Your Fort Collins Dentists recommend places a dental crown or cap after the root canal heals. This could be one or two weeks after the root canal therapy.

A dental implant is placed by Dr. Spivak or a specialty trained dentist. The dentist, Dr. Spivak, will place the dental implant into the patients jaw bone. After your jaw bone heals, your Fort Collins dentist will place a dental crown on top of the dental implant to finish the dental restoration.
If you think you need a dental crown, please call 970-673-7321 to schedule an appointment with one of our great Fort Collins dentists. After your initial dental exam, our dental staff will let you know how much your dental insurance will pay for your crown.

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